So you’re tired of that dreary wooden floor that you installed all those years ago? Well, the good news is that you can put tiles on a wooden floor for a breath of fresh air. When you undertake the project, make sure that you have a solid knowledge of how to install tiles themselves, so that you do not run into trouble when you are doing that. So here are some basic steps as to how to install tiles on a wooden floor:

  • Make use of tile backing board. If you were to install tiles on a normal concrete floor, you would have to put a cement board down. When it comes to the wooden floor however, you are going to put a different type of board down. This will be a tile backer board. It will adhere to the wood perfectly. So the first step is to cut the tile backing board to size and stick it down to the wooden floor.
  • Once you have cut this board, take a silicone gun and coat the wooden floor with silicone. This will make for extra adhesion. Lay the board down.
  • After you are done with that, you can drill small holes into the board and make sure that they are equidistant. Also make sure that you do not penetrate the wooden floor underneath.
  • Screw the board down and then make sure that it is absolutely not moving. After this step is complete you are ready to lay down your tiles.
  • The tiles should already be cut to size at this point. If possible, you should try and make sure that you have got tiles that are in sheets and that they can be laid down as is.
  • Take the tile adhesive and lay it out on the floor, sticking the tile sheets down as you go along. Once these are dry, you can grout.
  • Mix your grout so that it is creamy in consistency, but not runny. Smooth it over your tiles surface and wait until the top layer is dry. Wipe of any grout that may be on the surface of the tiles, as if this is left to dry for longer than recommended, it may not come off the surface of the tile.

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