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Our Ceramic Tiles are available in 600mmx600mm, 400mmx400mm, 600x300mm and 300mmx300mm. When choosing tiles for your home consider the actual size of the room as a bigger tile in a small area can actually make the space appear bigger as there will be less lines. Ceramic Tiles are suitable for residential but not for commercial however hardbody ceramic tiles are suitable for commercial use. Ceramic Tiles can be used for both floor and wall tiles in residential properties. Ceramic Tiles can be used outdoors for Patios and garages as well. Ceramic Tiles can also be used for cladding as well as feature walls. For best results Ceramic Fix should be used to install Ceramic Tiles.

The main advantages of ceramic tiles are durability, easy to clean, easy to preserve very stylish with a diversity of choices and long-lasting.

Ceramic tiles can be used in a number of places from the kitchen, bathroom, living roomand other areas in the home. Ceramic tiles are still widely used in administrative spaces.