Tiles that are marble have been synonymous with elegance and opulence since the dawn of time. Here at Velvet Moon, we are proud to say that we distribute the finest quality tiles that money can buy. What gives these tiles that wow factor? Most of the time, it is the fact that marble itself is a uniquely patterned stone, that while, is very distinctive, is also not obtrusive in the same way that normal patterns can be. Marble fits into any home space and into any type of colour scheme. Tiles that are made out of marble are also amongst the most durable in the business, meaning that they can be exposed to a lot, and will not show signs of wear and tear no matter what. If you invest in tiles that are marble, you are not only investing in something that is a decoration spectacular, but also in something that has got an incredibly long shelf life. Marble tiles are the ultimate form of a good investment.

All of the tiles that are supplied by Velvet Moon are made of the highest quality marble and are produced in a range of decadent colours, making them the perfect fit for almost any room in the house. Although they are, most commonly, used in kitchens, they are also good for other rooms, too. They go best with pastel colours; however, they can also be designed in black if you are looking for an extra stylish finish. If you are looking for kitchen tiles with a back splash of colour, then look no further than the tiles that we have.

All about mosaics and tiles

The term mosaics and the tiles go hand in hand. Mosaic is the art of taking small shards of tile and putting them together in an art piece. The ancient Greeks were doing this for ages and, today, the art has been carried forward. You can use the tiles that we have to create mosaics of your own in your home.

When it comes to wanting a luxurious look in your home, you should look no further than granite tiles. These tiles have been sought after for ages, by the rich and famous alike. Nowadays they are a lot more accessible to the ordinary man, meaning that you can have them in your home, too. They are the definition of modern sophistication, and would look great in any kitchen or bathroom space.

If you prefer something more traditional, we have got a great range of porcelain ceramic tiles. These are the tried and trusted tiles that populate most home spaces. They also come in a verity of beautiful colours and can be chosen to compliment any type of décor that you have. Here at Velvet Moon, we have got the widest range for you to choose from.

Come in any time to tile up your home beautifully!