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Our Porcelain Tiles are available in 800mmx800mm, 600mmx600mm, 600mmx300mm, 900mmx300mm, 900mmx450mm, 900mmx150mm, 600mmx150mm and 1200mmx600mm. Porcelain tiles are nano sealed making them less prone to scratching and non-slippery. Porcelain Tiles have a Polished, Matt, Rough & Honed finish to suit consumers different needs. Porcelain Tiles can either be full-bodied, double loaded or glazed, glazed porcelain tiles are coated with a layer of liquid glass which is baked in to the surface of the clay, glazing provides the opportunity for beautiful range of colours and designs as well as providing a protective film that doesn’t stain. Full-body porcelain tiles have a colour and pattern that extends through the whole tile, not just on the surface, this gives it the advantage of not showing wear making full bodied porcelain tiles ideal for commercial applications. They can be used for home and commercial use and are suitable for floors and walls -Kitchen tiles, Bathroom tiles, indoor tiles, outdoor tiles and for the Shower. Porcelain Tiles can also be used for cladding or to create feature walls. Porcelain Tiles are suitable for outdoor tiles -Balconies, Patio and garage tiles as well as indoor tiles, porcelain tiles require minimum maintenance, just sweep thoroughly and mop with a clean mop and soapy water. In terms of durability Porcelain is the most durable option available. For optimum results Porcelain Tiles should be installed using Porcelain adhesive.

Porcelain does not readily support the growth of mold, fungus or bacteria making it ideal for floor tiles and outdoor tiles.

Porcelain tiles are much harder than ceramic tiles and are frequently selected in spite of its price, porcelain can be used in dry areas to serve as porcelain wall tiles, porcelain floor tiles, exterior porcelain tiles, porcelain pool tiles, porcelain shower tiles and porcelain bathroom tiles.

Porcelain tiles stands up to heavy floor traffic and is ideal to be used as a porcelain floor tile.

Porcelain tiles are popular choice for bathroom floor tiles, bathroom tiles, patterned tiles and many more.
Porcelain wall tiles are also ideal to be used as a kitchen backslash or feature wall.

There is a variety of tiles from slim porcelain tiles, wood look tiles, outdoor porcelain tiles, patio tiles, patterned tiles, full bodied porcelain tiles, subway tiles, outdoor porcelain tiles, nano sealed porcelain tiles, a-grade porcelain tiles, bathroom tiles, checkered tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, large porcelain tiles, full body tiles, garage tiles, exterior porcelain tiles, shower tiles, wood grain porcelain tiles,polished porcelain tiles, glazed porcelain floor, glossy porcelain tiles, pool tiles, porcelain wall tiles, cladding tiles, feature wall porcelain tiles.

A wide range of colours to choose from; beige porcelain tiles, ivory porcelain tiles, grey porcelain tiles, black porcelain tiles white porcelain tiles, patterned porcelain tiles, marble look porcelain tiles and many more porcelain tiles to choose from to suit your needs.

Our porcelain range can be used as cladding tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, pool tiles and range from wood look tiles, glazed porcelain floor tiles, porcelain kitchen tiles, large porcelain tiles, checkered tiles, bathroom porcelain tiles, full bodied tiles, subway tiles, outdoor tiles, nano porcelain tiles, patio tiles to wood look tiles that can be used for balconies, decks, patios or around the swimming pool.

The main advantages of ceramic tiles are durability, easy to clean, easy to preserve very stylish with a diversity of choices and long-lasting.

Ceramic tiles can be used in a number of places from the kitchen, bathroom, living roomand other areas in the home. Ceramic tiles are still widely used in administrative spaces.

Crystal White Porcelain

Crystal White Porcelain

Crystal White Porcelain Product Code:66PPV5003 Product Code:88PPV5003 Our Crystal White Porcelain tiles are off white in colour with a white spec. They are nano sealed which makes them stain resistant, scratch proof & less slippery.   Crystal White Porcelain...