If you are redoing your kitchen, you may want to add the style of a kitchen tile back splash. Now, some may not know what this even is… but I promise, this is something that you will have seen before even if you did not know that it had an actual name. A kitchen tile back splash is simply the area of tiled wall directly behind your stove top. Yes, there is an actual name for this area and the reason for that name is that this area is covered in a lot of the splash and splatter from whatever you cook on your stove.

These tiles come into contact with grease, meats, starches and basically anything that you can conceive of cooking on your stove. You may be somewhat horrified at the thought of how much splatter comes off of your food, but it is unavoidable and this is why, here at Velvet Moon, we have developed a range of stylish kitchen tile back splash options, which are easy to clean, are heat resistant and are just plain stunning!

The back splash area is a great spot to add extra colour or design to your kitchen because it can stand out as part of your cooking unit. A very popular trend is to place heat proof glass tiles in any colour imaginable as the back splash because they reflect light, they are easy to clean and they add a much needed pop of colour.

Going granite – Tile options

When it comes to sexy, durable and easy to clean flooring options, granite tiles are a winner. These tiles have a natural charm to them because the stones that they are cut from contain natural patterns which vary even within the same rock. This means that no two tiles are ever the same. Granite tiles are also extremely durable, so your floor will not crack or chip. This natural stone can take quite a beating. The dark colourations in granite also make it a dream to clean. You will always see dirt much easier on a light tile like marble, but on granite you do not see the dirt. This means that you can get away with sweeping and/or vacuuming your floors once a week and you will never feel like you are living in a dirty house.

A range to rave about

Here at Velvet Moon, we offer you so much more than stylish back splashes and sexy floors because we can also offer mosaic and tiles for detailed work that add that perfect finishing touch to any room. These, used in combination with our porcelain ceramic tiles, can create a bathroom that is the paramount of sophistication. Picture a clean, pure, white bathroom with a decorative mosaic detail band running around the room. The sky is the limit and you can create the exact design that you want.

If you want to turn your house into a home of style, sophistication and ease, contact us at Velvet Moon to find out about our prices and our ranges.