A granite countertop may cost quite a bit, but in the long-run, it’s worth it. This is because it is a lifelong investment that will provide your kitchen or bathroom with a beautiful aesthetic.

Many people when undertaking home renovations try to do it on a budget. This is because it can be a rather costly endeavour. The one cost that you cannot afford to be stingy on, however, is a granite countertop. These counters are made out of absolutely beautiful stone, which comes in a variety of colours and three designs. The three designs that you can choose from are; speckled, marbled and solid. Marbled and speckled options tend to be the more popular of the three as they add depth to the counter top. A granite countertop can cost quite a bit, but apart from the colour and design choices, here are some other reasons why it is a worthy investment:

  • Tough and durable: this is one of the strongest stones that you will come across. Which is why it is used to create countertops. It is able to withstand heat from pots and pans, as well as any scratches from chopping straight onto it with a knife. These are some of the reasons why it is a popular choice for the kitchen. It also will not crack under pressure, which is why it is also used in bathrooms that may require a lot of items to be places onto the surface. You can guarantee that this countertop won’t let you down, from the day you buy it.
  • Easy to clean: when it comes to cleaning, not many people are keen to get on their hands and needs and scrub. Luckily with granite you will not need to worry about that! Not only is it easy to clean but also extremely easy to maintain. All you need to do is make sure that you check exactly what the manufacture suggests for your cleaning product and use that on the surface whenever necessary. Granite is glossy and should always look shiny. This can be achieved by simply knowing which products are the best.
  • Value: when making an expensive choice when it comes to your countertops you want to know that it is worthwhile. This is possible with granite, as it actually will add value to your home. As granite can last you through a lifetime and more, it will still look gorgeous if you ever decide to sell your home. In fact it is one of the aspects buyers of homes and estate agents look out for. You will certainly be able to get out more than what you put in initially when you first purchased your home and countertops.

Choosing the correct design for your home

Choosing the correct design for your home can be difficult which is why you need a variety of options at your fingertips. This is possible by coming to us at Velvet Moon Stones. View all of our products online by visiting www.velvetmoon.co.za today!