When it comes to giving your kitchen a makeover, you need to know the colours of granite countertops and which one will look best within your own unique culinary paradise. Granite is an extremely durable and sturdy stone, making it the perfect choice for kitchen countertops. It comes in a wide variety of colours ensuring that you will be truly spoiled for choice.

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. Some homes are fortunate enough to be equipped with kitchens that look like they have come straight out of a home décor magazine. Other kitchens fail in comparison. Saving up to give your kitchen a well-overdue makeover can take time and, once you have the money, you will want to buy only the best. Transforming your kitchen into an area that will rival that of the best restaurants is easy once you know which colours of granite countertops are the most popular.

Granite is available in a wide variety of different colours. Your choice will be completely personal, but here are some handy thoughts to take into consideration. Firstly, you will want to make your kitchen as versatile as possible. This can be difficult if you choose a lighter coloured granite countertop. Lighter colours are visually appealing and can make your kitchen light and airy – but only when they are kept immaculately clean! If you are a budding chef and enjoy putting together menus, but create quite a mess while doing so, a white countertop is probably not the best idea. It will show up all of the stains far easier and will take longer to clean. However, if you do the bare minimum in the kitchen or if you don’t mind cleaning up the mess, this colour can truly make a fantastic statement. Pair the white countertop with light tiles and dark accessories and you will have a kitchen fit for the likes of Gordon Ramsay!

Your other option is to get a gothic, dark coloured granite top. This is far more popular than the white. The dark colour is obviously easier to clean and will not show up dirt or scuff marks as much as the white granite designs will. The darker coloured granite tops are suitable for smaller kitchens where a lot of activity takes place. You can enjoy the occasional flour fight without having to worry about a difficult cleaning job afterwards.

Granite comes in three different patterns:

–      Solid

–      Marbled

–      Speckled

Even if you do decide to go with the darker colour, you can pick one that is speckled or marbled, with lighter colours within it, to give it a less harsh look.

Choosing which colours of granite countertops can work in your kitchen will be determined by your intentions for the kitchen. Busy kitchens will work better with darker granite tops, smaller surface areas and more floor space. Larger kitchens in an apartment for two can certainly afford to go for the lighter coloured countertops.

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