Mosaics and tiles. They are the foundation of almost every room in the modern home and have been around for centuries. From beautiful byzantine and Greek creations, to what the romans did with marble, tiles have captured our hearts for ages. They have now become an integral part in any home setup as well. Tiles are also instrumental in deciding the colour scheme and aesthetic of the home. We seldom make decisions without taking into account the types of tiles that we use or where they will go. After all, there is nothing worse than having tiles that do not fit in with your colour scheme. There is, however, another aspect to the reason why you have tiles in your home. You need them. Tiles are incredibly necessary. Different types of tiles are used for different areas in the home and there are reasons as to why these tiles should be used in certain spaces:

  • Hygiene: One of the most prevalent reasons why people use tiles in areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen is the fact that hygienically, it makes more sense. You can clean and disinfect tiles effectively, whereas with carpet, it is a deep cleansing process that only happens sporadically, so there is a lot more room for germs to build up. Obviously, this can be dangerous.
  • Cleaning: Apart from being hygienic, tiles are also much easier to clean, so they are ideal to have in the house if you have children around. They are a must for the kitchen and bathroom, however.
  • Aesthetic: You would be surprised at just how much beauty the right types of tiles can add to a room. Think of all of the opulent foyers of the rich and the famous. The effect is, no doubt, achieved by elegant marble tiles.
  • Long lasting: If you choose to have tiles in your home, you will have a product that is incredibly long lasting and that will never wear down. Tiles can take a lot of wear and tear very easily.
  • Value for money: Tiles are a great investment for the home and they will keep on giving back to you. They last and are quite low maintenance. That, in itself, is a worthy investment.

So, given that you now know why you want these tiles in your home, you are probably dying to know what all of your tile options are.

Thankfully, in the world of tiles, the options are plenty, so you just need to decide what your personal preferences and budget are. Once this has been done, you can begin the process of tiling your home. One of the most popular tile types is of the ceramic variety. It is the tried and tested tile that you see in most kitchens and bathrooms. If this type of tile is glazed, it becomes ideal for bathrooms. All bathroom tiles need to be non-vitreous, which means that they do not absorb water. If they did, they would soon go mouldy. Natural stone tiles are beautiful if your home is full of earth tones and natural hues. It is also a very resistant tile, meaning that it can take a lot of wear and tear. This is great if you are looking for a long term, tiling solution for your home. Stone tiles also drastically improve the value of your home as well. There is also glass tile, which can be used in the construction of mosaics and tiles, just so that you can add some great feature decor to your home.

When it comes to getting the right types of tiles, you need to make sure that you get them from a supplier that will give you only the best of the best. Here at Velvet Moon, we are dedicated to making sure that you get only the finest when it comes to all of your mosaic and tile needs.

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