These days, there are many different misconceptions with regard to mosaic and tiles. These misconceptions have led to many people deciding against installing this type of flooring. The myths about mosaic flooring and, most commonly, ceramic tiles, include that they are difficult to clean and maintain, that they are too delicate and can break easily, and that they create an air of pretentiousness. None of these myths are true and they are some of the biggest misconceptions out there. Let us delve into each one a little bit:

1)   First of all, ceramic tiles, as well as mosaic flooring, are actually really easy to keep in good condition as long as the home or business owner sees to it that they are maintained on a regular, consistent basis. With the help of the correct cleaning aids, these tiles can be kept looking as good as new for many years to come.

2)   Next, ceramic tiles are actually quite durable. Although they may look delicate, many brands of ceramic tiles are known to successfully withstand all sorts of levels of foot traffic for up to 20 years! As a result of this, people can now invest in this type of flooring without having to worry about it being a costly investment. If, however, a tile does break or chip due to an immense amount of force, the individual tile is very easy to replace and will not cost much either.

3)   Finally, mosaic flooring and ceramic tiles do not create an air of pretentiousness. This misconception came about due to the fact that only the rich could afford this type of flooring. Nowadays, however, ceramic tiles are quite budget friendly and can be seen in many different commercial places and homes all over the country. These types of tiles, however, still create a sense of beauty that is difficult to beat! Thus, if you are looking to provide your home or office with a makeover, there really is no better way for you to do it!

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Along with the ever popular ceramic tiles, we also offer our loyal clients a broad selection of porcelain and marble tiles. Any of these tiles will look exquisite when placed in any home or office. Our porcelain and ceramic tiles have been designed so as to ensure your complete satisfaction, providing you with an overall look and ‘feel’ that adds a sense of indulgence to your space. With Velvet Moon tiles, there is one thing that you can always be sure of: they will provide you with an endless amount of beauty and value for money!

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