If you are looking to redo your kitchen or bathroom, consider pure marble tiles to add class to any room. Gone are the days when marble was thought of as something just for the rich because here at Velvet Moon we can give you the very best marble tiles as well as our stunning mosaic and backsplash tiles. All of our tiles are made of the very finest marble, granite and porcelain on the market. This means that the finished product that you buy will give you nothing but endless style and pleasure. They also come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Our granite tiles for example have a natural pattern in them which is unique to each and every piece of granite. This means that your floors or kitchen counters will always be one of a kind that no one else could duplicate. Granite is also one of the strongest and most durable stones used in tiles which means that anywhere you use it you can be guaranteed a long lasting floor or surface.

But no matter how much you love your granite, it still does not have the elegance of marble. The truth about tile options that have been designed using marble is that they are great for creating a sense of illumination within the home. Seeing as though most marble tiles have a translucent quality about them, natural light is able to reflect off of them, thus creating a sense of a more intense brightness. They literally add more light and happiness to any room in an instant. Brightening up your life has never been easier! This is part of what makes them so great at creating an elegant space as light as the ability to make a space feel bigger, and more inviting.

The high gloss shine of marble is also incredibly sleek and makes a room look polished and well put together. This shin is only matched by porcelain ceramic tiles, but these are manufactured tiles as opposed to tiles made from refined stone. Porcelain is common in bathrooms because it is durable and stain resistant and they can be made in many different colours and patterns. Marble on the other hand has natural patterns, which like granite are unique to the stone. There is a place for porcelain though and it is often used to make kitchen tile back splashes. This is the area behind your stove and is generally made of a relatively heat resistance and stain resistant tile. This is to ensure that it can handled the heat of the stove and the stains like grease that land on it. It is also used in the making of most mosaic tiles, because of the variety of colours it is perfect for use here.

So not matter what you are looking for in colour, style and price you can find all of it here with us at Velvet Moon because we pride ourselves and the quality and range that we offer you.