If you want to learn how to use mosaic and tiles to add flare to your home, you need to start by purchasing the finest mosaic and tiles in order to do this. Here at Velvet Moon, we have the best range of tiles for mosaics that come in the most vibrant colours that you could imagine. Mosaic tiles are generally small glass tiles that are formed into a sheet that have multiple tiles in them. These sheets are pliable and, because of the fact that they are held together with thin plastic, it is easy to separate them into strips or even into individual tiles.

How do you get started with creating beautiful accents with these tiles? Well, the first thing that you must do is plan out your design on paper. Take into consideration where the design is going, the overall image and the colours you want to use. Once you have your design, and you are happy with it, you can pay Velvet Moon a visit to get the tiles that you want. Now comes the tricky part (and we would actually advise getting a professional tile layer to do the work if your design is going on one of your interior walls). If, however, your design is meant, perhaps, for a coffee table or a pot plant that you can get rid of if the design looks really bad, then you can do it yourself. The first thing that you will need is a strong tile adhesive that you can get from most craft and tile stores. It is also advisable that you use gloves and a mask as the adhesives can be very potent.

Once you have put down the right amount of adhesive, you can start placing your mosaic and tiles down in the design that you have planned. Allow the adhesive to dry and then proceed to wash it down and, just like that, you have an amazing accent piece in your home!

Marble tiles for any home

There was a belief that marble tiles where just for big and expensive houses that only the rich could afford. Now you can get marble tiles for any home from us at Velvet Moon. Our range is both elegant and affordable. This means that you can create that sophisticated air that one would find in large and grand entrance halls, even if your home is on the smaller side. Marble tiles reflect light very well and this is why they are often chosen for smaller spaces as the feeling of more light creates the feeling of more space. The marble is not quite as strong as something like a granite tile and, if you were to drop a particularly heavy object on it, you would definitely crack the tiles… so be sure to take care of them.

The Velvet Moon range

The Velvet Moon range also includes kitchen tile back splash tiles and porcelain ceramic tiles for bathrooms. You really can find anything that you need with us. Come and pay us a visit today!