When it comes to fitting your counter tops, the first thing that you should consider is the different types of granite that you have the opportunity to purchase. Granite is one of the strongest, hardest materials on the planet, so if you are looking for something that will last, you have definitely stumbled upon the right type of material for your needs. Granite is an integral part of the Earth’s crust, forged from heat and volcanic lava. It is also one of the oldest materials known to mankind. Granite countertops have now become synonymous with status and elegance. They line the homes of the rich and the famous. The great thing is that granite has now become accessible to everyone, so there is no reason that you should not have these gorgeous counter tops installed within your own kitchen.

Granite is a very diverse stone, and there are several different varieties that you can get hold of. Surprisingly, granite also comes in a range of colours other than black. It is important to know what colours it can come in, just so that you do not get scammed and end up buying fake granite. Here are some of the colours that the different types of granite come in:

  • Black: This is the standard granite option that everyone is used to. It is definitely the most popular choice – mostly because it goes well with any decor that might already exist within your kitchen. This stone is dark with some grey and white flecks present as well. This is considered to be the most versatile type of granite as it complements every colour scheme that you could ever imagine.
  • Brown: This is a very interesting granite piece. It is one of the rarer types of granite and has a very unique beauty about it. It is predominantly a rust brown colour with some flecks of black and white in it. This is a very nice earthy colour scheme to put in a kitchen that is full of natural tones.
  • Tiger skin: This is also a very interesting hue of granite. It is mostly beige with flecks of black, white and brown in it. It is a beautiful, sandy colour, and works very well in kitchen or bathrooms that are also natural.
  • White. This is perhaps the most striking of all the granite tops. Mostly made up of the purest white stone with a few flecks of grey and black within, it stands out and lends a striking air to any room that it is found in. It also serves as a great balance to a darker room.

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